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My Modeling work station and tools

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Tweezers - sharp points
Tweezers - curved
Tweezers - cross lock
Tweezers - flat
Pliers - long, flat
Pliers - short, flat
Pliers - combination
Triple grip third hand
Micro holding tool
Ear Polypus
Vice - miniature, versatile
Vise - pin
Clamp - miniature
Drawer - half height
Tool organizer - multi purpose
Mobile equipment tray - multi layer


Drill set - micro, 0.03mm - 1.00mm
Drill set - micro, 0.15mm - 0.5mm
Drill set - 5.9 x 0.1mm
Drill set - 6.5 x 0.5mm
Scissor - general
Scissor - decal
Cutter - side, big
Cutter - side, small
Cutter - semi flush cut
Cutter - end
Cutter - photo etched
Cutter - tweezers like nipper
Knife set
Knife - blade, snap off
Knife - NT, big
Sand papers - silicon carbide, waterproof
Files - needle, normal
Files - needle, diamond coated
File - handle
File - card
Files - normal
Seam scraper
Deburring tool - rotating
Hacksaw - junior
Razor saw set
Miniature flexible saws

Hex-Plus - L shaped
Hammer - steel
Color mixing tray
Color mixing cups
Cotton gloves
Metal forming pliers
Masking tape
Zimmerit coating applicator
Miniature putty knives
Spray adhesive - spray type
Tissue paper roll
Pastel chalks
Old toothbrush
Cotton swab
Safety spectacles

Screwdriver - jeweler, box set
Power drill - miniature
Flexible shaft
Binocular magnifier
Micro torch
Micro torch - pen size, boxed
Miniature spatula set
Paint stirrer
Brush - general
Brushes - artist
Airbrush - double action
Compressor - portable

Polish - Blue Magic for clear plastic
Cement - crystal clear for clear plastic
Cement - normal, extra thin
Touch and flow
Cynoacrylate adhesives - superglue
Surfacer - 1000/500
Isopropyl Alcohol
White glue
Milliput putty
Artiste paste
Surface restoration kit

Steel ruler - 12" length
Steel ruler - 6" length
Ruler - plastic, 1/35 scale
Vernier caliper - 150mm
Measuring tape - 5m
Engineer squares
Protractor - stainless steel
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Close up show some of the tools I use.
I have classified them into few categories.
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Where could you purchase those tools ?
You could get it from the DIY shops within your hometown or you could get it through the internet shops listed below.

xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) Equipments and Tools

xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) USA.gif (2060 bytes) Dremel - hand held motoring drill
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) USA.gif (2060 bytes) Sherline - Miniature machines & acc.
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) USA.gif (2060 bytes) North Coast Hobbies - Spray booth
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) USA.gif (2060 bytes) Perfect Touch - Curving Tools
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) USA.gif (2060 bytes) The small Shop - Jig for handling PE
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) USA.gif (2060 bytes) The General Store
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) USA.gif (2060 bytes) North Star Hobby Machining Supplies
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) USA.gif (2060 bytes) Minitech Machinery Corporation
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) uk.gif (681 bytes) SmallShopeu - Hold & Fold, BrassAssist Rollerset new
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) uk.gif (681 bytes) Axminster - Power Tool Centre
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) uk.gif (681 bytes) Chester Ltd - machine and Tooling Specialists
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) uk.gif (681 bytes) Trade Sales Direct - Buy Direct
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) uk.gif (681 bytes) Shesto - Tools and accessories
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) uk.gif (681 bytes) Farnell - Tools and accessories
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) USA.gif (2060 bytes) Miller Optical Instruments - Lenses
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) USA.gif (2060 bytes) Small Parts Inc. - Accessories and tools
xm005060.gif (4385 bytes) USA.gif (2060 bytes) OTT-Lite - Truecolor lighting

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go Support and drives Categories go Bonding and surface finish go Miscellaneous Categories
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