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here What's your name ?  One35th here How old are you ?  40 to 50


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here Country of original ?  Republic of Singapore
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Republic of Singapur Republic of Singapur
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here My family  -
My family
here What do you do for a living ?
Engineering Design and services
here Why choose One35th as your homepage title ?
Because most of the time I build and collect 1/35 scale models.
here Is this homepage done by you ?
     Yes, Also specially thanks to all webmasters that have share their views and comments to make this homepage possible, not to miss the surfers who visited this site too.
here Where can I improve further ?
     Photo taking - learning, Java programming, PHP - it's tough !
here Do you seek assistance from professional ?
  No, but it might be in the future.
here How much have you been spent on this hobby ?
     I have lost count of it.
here What I love to do during leisure time ?
1st : with Family, 2nd : Computer & Work, 3rd : Modeling, 4th : Classical Music.
here What I love most ?
here What I hate most ?
here Languages abilities :
here What's your favorite personal Quotes ? more working on it

(Kwek Leng Beng) : Work Hard, Talk Less, Do More, Be Passionate.

     (Li Ka Shing)
: For a person to be successful, he must have acumen, a passion to acquire knowledge, willpower to achieve, 
                           and self confidence which makes him unafraid of failure.
here What's your Business Philosophy ?
Succeeding by helping others succeed.

here How much have you spent on this homepage ?

Description Cost
Hardwares : more
Softwares : more
Domain name : www.one35th.per.sg S$35 yearly
Domain Web Hosting : www.one35th.per.sg S$120 yearly
Domain name : www.one35th.com US$60 yearly
Domain Web Hosting : www.one35th.com US$200 yearly
Broadband Subscription US$34.6 monthly

here Who's your most favorite W.W.II Axis General(s) ?

Name Rank
Erwin Rommel (here , here)
(November 15, 1891 - October 14, 1944)
E.Rommel Generalfeldmarschall
Heinz Wilhelm Guderian (here)
(June 17, 1888 - May 14, 1954)
Paul Hausser (here) SS-Obergruppenfhrer

here Who's your most favorite W.W.II Allied General(s) ?

Rank Name
General Dwight D. Eisenhower (here)
(1890 - March 28, 1969)
General Sir Bernard law Montgomery (here)
(1887 - March 24, 1976)

here Other famous Military Strategists ?

Carl von ClausewitzCarl Phillip Gottfried (or Gottlieb) von Clausewitz (1780-1831) more more
Sun Tzu Sun Tzu - The Art of War Strategy more more
? ? ? , ? ? Zhuge Liang 諸 葛 亮 , 孔 明 Zhuge Liang (181-234), 前出師表    後出師表    誡子篇
here Which's your most favorite - sport car(s) ?
AudiAudi R8

atwk89.gif (2977 bytes)
here What's your other - hobby ?
RC Helicopter
here Who's your most favorite -
      - country singer(s)?
      - country music piece(s) ?
      - Acoustic guitar ?
Classical Guitar
here Who's your most favorite -
      - Classical music composer(s) ?
      - Classical music conductor(s) ?
      - Classical music piece(s) ?
Classical music
here Which's your most favorite Motorcycle ?
     Harley Dividson Ducati
here Which's your most favorite bicycle ?
here Which's your most Dream Watch ?
   Glashutte Original  Uhremuseum Glashutte

    A Lange & Soehne - Datagraph
A Lange & Soehne
here Which's your most favorite Modeling project(s) to date ?
      K 5 Eisenbahn kanone. read more
here Which's your most favorite W.W.II Soft skin vehicle(s) ?
      Steyr Tractor
here Who's your most favorite General in modern time ?
here Which's your most favorite Modern Tank(s) ?
      M1 - Abrams, Merkava
here Which's your most favorite Modern Soft skin vehicle ?
      HMMWV "Hummer" 
here Which's your most favorite Modern  tracked IFV(s) ?
      M2, M3, Marder, M113, Warrior, Stridsfordon 90 (CV90), Bionix
here Which's your most favorite W.W.II Tank(s) ?
      Tiger, Panther, T34

here Which's your most favorite book(s) ?
here Who's your most favorite Prime Minister(s) or president(s)  ?
     W.Churchill Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) UK   Read more by clicking here, here or here.
"Arm yourselves, and be ye men of valour, and be in readiness for the conflict; for it is better for us to perish in battle than to look upon the outrage of our nation and our altar." This call and spur to the faithful servants of Truth and Justice was quoted by Churchill in his first broadcast as Prime Minister to the British people on the BBC - May 19, 1940, London.
     Dr.Sun Yat-San Dr. Sun Yat San Dr. Sun Yat-San or  (1866 -1925)  PRC   Read more by clicking here or here. Wan Qing Yuan 
     Teng Hsiao Ping Teng Hsiao-Ping or Deng Xiao Ping (1904 -1997)  PRC   Read more by clicking here or here.
     Lee Kuan Yew Lee Kuan Yew ( 16th Sep. 1932 - Present )  Singapore    Read more by clicking here or here.
here Who's your most favorite Scientist(s) ?
     Einstein Albert Einstein (March 14,1879 - April 18, 1955) Germany USA Read more by clicking here here or here.
     An layman's terms, the Theory of Relativity :
     "If you sit with a beautiful woman, two hours seem like two minutes."
     "If you sit on a hot stove, two minutes seem like two hours. That's relativity"

     Prof. CN.Yang Prof. Yang Chen Ning ( 22nd Sep. 1922 - Present ) PRC USA Read more by clicking here or here
here Who's your most favorite Conductor ?
     Herbert von Karajan Herbert von Karajan ( 1908 - 1989 ) Austria more info
here My favorite  Who's Who list ...
Bill Gate - Microsoft Chairman / Founder
Robert T.Kiyosaki
- Rich Dad, Poor Dad author
Guy Kawasaki - Angel
William E.Heinecke - CEO The Minor Group
Steve Jobs - CEO/co-founder of Apple
Akio Morita - Sony Founder
Stan Shih - Acer Chairman / CEO / co-founder
Charles Kaman - Helicopter Pioneer / Guitarist - Kaman Corp, Kaman Aerospace, Kaman Music
IM.Pei - Architect
Choo Hoey - Conductor Emeritus/Violinist

John Denver John Denver
yo-yo MA - Cellist
Li Ka Shing - Self-made Tycoon - Hutchison Whampoa and Cheung Kong Holding, Li Ka Shing Foundation
Kuo Pao Kun - Foremost playwright, director and cultural thinker  (died 10th September 2002)
Sim Wong Hoo - Creative Technology Chairman / Founder
Dr.Sydney Brenner - Research Scientist
Dr.-Albert Winsemius- "Founding Father" of Singapore
Dr.Diana Young
- Mil-COM
Anthony Yeo - Clinical director - Counseling and Care Center
Zhang YimouHERO
梁智强  Jack NEO Chee Keong - Director/Comedian/Actor/writer more info

and more coming...

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Siu-Leung Lee

here My dream wish list ?
     Wish I could visit Normandy landing site, K5 Museums while still kicking.
     Wish I could visit China, Beijing, The Great Wall.
     Wish the world in peace.
     Wish I could have a chance to drive the M1, Bradley, Russian T-series tanks and Marder APC
here Others..
   Asperger's Syndrome (Autism) - mild more info
   Schizophrenia - mild more info
   Social Anxiety - mild more info
   Dyslexia - mild more info
   Left handed - more info
   Myopia - more info
   Red-Green Color-blindness more info
   Bipolar Disorder more info

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